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Best Nasyid Radio Streaming in Indonesia

1. MQ FM Bandung

2. NURIS FM Tangerang

3. Radio Islam Sabili AM jakarta

RAIHAN Phenomenal Nasyid Team

Live Concert Sami Yusuf... song Make A Prayer

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seven 8 Six

They are Zafar, Omar, Shahaab, Saad, Saeed

The name SEVEN8SIX (or 786) is a popular numeric shorthand for the Islamic bismillah,or saying, "In the name of Allah, the Beneficent,the Merciful." The talented singing group consists of Shahaab, Omar, Zafar, Saad and Saeed. These five guys come together to share a single stage with a single voice. SEVEN8SIX is the definition of harmony.

SEVEN8SIX first began in the summer of 2001 in the suburbs of Detroit. The group began as the guys unknowingly came together to sing at a friend's wedding. They received such a positive response to their performance that the five decided to stay together as a group and direct their talents towards delivering an Islamic message. The group performed as SEVEN8SIX for the first time at the 2002 ISNA convention in Washington, DC. Most of the group's subsequent public appearances have been at large concert events organized by Muslim groups, including major events co-sponsored in part by the Islamic Society of North America and other influential organizations around the world.

This group is working far and wide to please Allah (SWT). As Shahaab says, “We are using SEVEN8SIX as a tool for propagating Allah's message. Although we all love to sing, that is not the reason for the group. It is something we do well together and share a passion for, but more importantly, we share a passion for being Muslim and spreading the message of Islam. None of us claims to be perfect, or that we do everything correctly, or even try to preach to others. We just want to open people's eyes to what Islam truly is about and to tell the youth of this country that we know what you are going through and simply…we understand.”

SEVEN8SIX has grown tremendously since their early performances. Not only have they grown as singers and performers, but also as people. Each member of SEVEN8SIX is extremely thankful for everyone's support and dua's. “Insha'Allah, we look forward to a lot more together as a group and hope that everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, can share in all that we put out. Ameen.”

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Native Deen (Nasyid Rap from USA)

Members Joshua, Naeem, Abdul-Malik
From Washington DC

The story of Native Deen is an inspiring one that began with three Muslim youth possessing unique talents and a passion to spread the uplifting message of Islam. Originally solo artists and active participants of their communities searching for creative ways to educate and inspire Muslim youth, today Native Deen has become a fusion of Hip-hop and R&B flavors, thrilling fans with their eclectic and unique combinations of lyrics, rhythms and sounds. The trio made up of Joshua Salaam, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Naeem Muhammad came together in 2000 and has embarked upon a professional career in the music industry together in order to highlight issues confronting Muslims living in America.

These three young African-American men who were raised as Muslims in America have emerged as one of the leading Islamic Nasheed groups and have inspired an international fan base. Drawing their own inspiration from the message of Islam, Native Deen’s music calls listeners to keep the faith, to live better lives, and to NOT succumb to the pressures and temptations of modern society.

The band has inspired millions of Muslims and non-Muslims of all ages and ethnicities from around the world. Native Deen has toured more than 60 cities in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, promoting Islam. Native Deen’s decision to solely use percussion instruments in their music has lead to the creation of one of the most evocative audio efforts. With powerful beats and thought-provoking lyrics, their music will strike a chord with fans of hip-hop and R&B.

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Vertizone - Alhamdulillah

Finalist of FNPI region CEntral Java n Jogja

Get New Album of MIRWANA

Dapatkan sekarang album terbaru dari kumpulan nasyid popular Mirwana yang menampilkan 10 buah lagu berserta 3 trek bonus:

1. Muhammad S.A.W (The Arrival)
2. Andaiku Pergi (Retro Version)
3. Tika Masanya (Featuring Hujan)
4. Fana Pesona
5. Bukti Cinta (Featuring Edry Demascus)
6. Kembali Padamu
7. Anugerah Istimewa
8. Jauh (Radio Edit)
9. Bumi Akhir Usia (Featuring DJ Erwan & Shazee)
10. Cahaya Kekasih
11. Andaiku Pergi (Original Version)
12. Jauh (Original Version)
13. Andaiku Pergi (Instrumental)

Harga: RM29.90

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Vertizone Jogja "Pengasih"

Vertizone Jogja "Pengasih"

Lyrics "You Came to Me" by. Sami Yusuf

You came to me in that hour of need
When I was so lost, so lonely
You came to me, took my breath away
Showed me the right way, the way to lead
You filled my heart with love, showed me the light above
Now all I want is to be with you
You are my one true love, taught me to never judge
Now all I want is to be with you

Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina mustafa
‘ala habibika nabiika mustafa

You came to me in the time of despair
I called onto you, you were there
Without you what would my life be
Not know the unseen, the worlds between
For you I’d sacrifice, for you I’d give my life
Anything just to be with you
I feel so lost that times by all the hurt and lies
Now all I want is to be with you

Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina mustafa
‘ala habibika nabiika mustafa

Showed me right from wrong
Told me to be strong
Need you more than ever ya RasulAllah
You came to me in that hour of need
Need you more than ever ya RasulAllah
You filled my heart with love, showed me the light above
Now all want is to be with you
You are my one true love, taught me to never judge
Now all I want is to be with you

Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina mustafa
‘ala habibika nabiika mustafa

Nasyid Cermin (Medan) album 2010

Info Album Cer_min ke 2 di 2010

Pasca lebaran 1430 tepatnya akhir Oktober 2009 Manager Cer_min mendapat telepon tawaran kerja sama atas Album ke 2, setelah diskusi bersama personil, akhirnya tawaran untuk kerja sama Album ke 2 diterima, adalah Diamond Record dari Jakarta yang bekerja sama dengan Cer_min ini mengajak untuk kejar Program penyelesaian Rekaman, Shooting Video Klip dll.

Alhamdulillah meski sempat ada beberapa halangan hingga akhirnya Program terlaksana dengan Sukses, yang mengambil lokasi Shooting Video Klip di kota Medan, Brastagi dan beberapa daerah lainnya dengan persiapan yang cukup maksimal, sekarang ini Album dalam tahap persiapan peluncuran yang insya Allah akan di upayakan pertengan Januari 2010 ini, untuk Launching insya Allah direncanakan tg. 27 Pebruari 2010, album ber lebelkan " Hari Kiamat" dalam bentuk Kaset, CD, VCD Original yang akan beredar diseluruh tanah air ini telah mendapat sambutan hangat dari beberapa sponsor di Medan, Pekan Baru, Aceh dan pulau jawa, bahkan beberapa Radio sudah memutar dan mulai memfromosikan Lagu-lagu Cer_min diantaranya, Nuris FM Tangerang Banten, MH Fm Solo, Robbani Pekan Baru, Salam Mhz Asahan yang kabarnya mendapat sambutan hangat dari pendengar dan beberapa Radio swasta lainnya,

Grup yang ber bascam di Rumah Ustad Drs. H. A. Salim Medan ini, telah mendapat tawaran manggung berbagai acara di Medan dan Luar kota dan siap menerima tawaran Konser baik event kecil maupun besar berskala Nasional bahkan Internasional kita tunggu kontaknya melalui 0852 7052 1106.

live performance Innoru FM @Jogja

Come n Join to see INNORU FM

live performance Innoru FM,Zagaida Voice
Launching Video "Ciptaan Yang Dijanjikan"

Talkshow "Gak cuma Stasiun Televisi Palestine Juga Milik Kita Bersama"
CD Give aways
and many more..

@Panggung Utama Pameran Jogja Muslim Fair 2010
Mandala Bhakti Wanitatama Yogyakarta
Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010
3- 5.30 pm

Hafiz Hamidun For Allah


The Nasyid Group from USA NOOR

Zain Bhikha - My Mum is Amazing

Hillarious Video
Zain Bhikha - My Mum is Amazing

like the song n the video

Sami Yusuf- You Came to Me

One of Most Favourite nasyid Song in 2009
Sami Yusuf- You Came to Me

Maher Zain Video- Palestine will be free

The Brand New Song from maher Zain-Paletine will be free

Good Song

Int'l nasyid Solois: Zain Bhikha

Zain Bhikha (born August 9, 1974) is a South African Muslim singer-songwriter, who has achieved fame as a performer of nasheed songs. Tied to other prominent Muslim personalities, including Yusuf Islam and Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Bhikha has collaborated on albums with other artists, and has released several solo albums as well. He has written several religious albums concerning Islam.

Bhikha may best be known outside of the Muslim community by his performance with a drummer and several backup vocalists who are most famous for being the African singers in the famous Disney cartoon movie The Lion King.[1]

Bhikha's music almost exclusively follows Islamic themes, with only voice and drums being used, since the use of musical instruments other than the voice and the drum is an area of debate in Muslim jurisprudence, considered harām, or "unlawful" by a portion of the Muslim community. His voice is unmistakable; it is high and sweet, with an overall feeling of gentleness. He has mastered the art of harmony, and is proficient as both a lead vocalist and as a singer of backing vocals. While not a falsetto, the timbre of his voice sounds higher than that of most performers. It has been compared to the singing voice of Western pop musician Michael Jackson

Early life

Born to parents Rashid and Mariam Bhikka August 9, 1974 in Pretoria, South Africa, Zain Bhikha is one of four children, with three sisters; Zaheera, Nasira and Nasima. [2] He started singing from a young age, though entertaining his family and friends were enjoyable past-times, and he did not have any belief that his singing would take him further from that point. In 1994, Bhikha entered a singing competition sponsored by a local radio station. His song was recorded on a home karaoke system and won first place over others with far more experience. After this unexpected accomplishment, he was approached by a the Pretoria Muslim School, who asked him to write and record a new school anthem for them. Inspired by this, Bhikha did so, and afterward composed a complete album, entitled A Way of Life, an album named in a reference to the Deen of Islam. [3] This was a compilation of a cappella Islamic songs, mostly in English covering the various tenets of Muslim faith. The album took only two weeks to complete, and marked a significant turning point in Bhika's life and musical career.

As his visibility as an artist in South Africa grew, other artists seeking to reach Muslim youth with music came to be familiar with his work, including world-renowned musician and prominent convert to Islam, Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens).


* 2000 - Towards the Light
* 2000 - Children of Heaven
* 2001 - Faith
* 2002 - Our World
* 2005 - Mountains of Makkah
* 2006 - Allah Knows
* 2009 - The Beginning 1415

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Lyrics: Last Breath- Hafiz Hamidun

Last Breath
Album : Hafiz Hamidun
Munsyid : Hafiz Hamidun

From those around I hear a cry
A muffled sob, a hopeless sigh
I hear their footsteps leaving slow
And then I know my soul my fly

A chilly wind begins to blow
Within my soul from head to toe
And then last breath escapes my lips
It's time to leave and I must go

So it is true but it's too late
They said each soul has its given date
When it must leave it's body's core
And meet with it's eternal fate

Allahurabbuna salimna (sallim sallimna) 3x

Oh, mark the words that I do say
Who knows tomorrow could be your day
At last it comes to heaven or hell
Decide which now do not delay

I cannot see, my eyes are blind
Am I still me ?
Or has my soul been led astray ?
And forced to pay a priceless fee

Alas to dust we all return
Some shall rejoice while others burned
If only I knew
I knew it before
The line grew short
And came my turn

And now as beneath the sod
They lay me with my record flawed
They cry not knowing I cry worse
For they go home I face my God



Come on my brother, lets pray decide
Which now do not delay

sent from : HURUL AIN

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Int'l nasyid Solois: Maher Zain

Maher’s first musical inspiration came from his father, who was a singer himself, performing locally in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Tripoli - Lebanon.
Fascinated by the music and instruments, Maher got his first keyboard when he was only ten and ever since music officially became part of Maher’s world.

The family moved to Sweden when Maher was only 8, where he continued his schooling, and later entered university and got a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With things changing around him, one thing remained the same - his strong passion for music. He would spend late nights at school with his friends where they would sing, rap, compose and experiment with music in every way. It didn’t take him long to realize that music became an integral part of who he is.

After being involved for a while in the music scene in Sweden as a music producer, Maher was introduced to RedOne, a gifted music producer who was fast rising in the music scene in Sweden. Maher started working with RedOne with Swedish artists, and later moved with him to New York. For a few years he was in the middle of the hot rush of the NY music industry, working with chart topping artists such as Kat Deluna on her debut album which included smash hits ‘Whine up’ and ‘Run the Show’.
Maher had what many would describe as a dream job for someone so young in such a glamorous business, but for Maher it felt like this was far from what he would call ‘the dream’, “I loved the music but I hated everything that surrounded it, it always felt like something wasn’t right”. RedOne was on the verge of breaking into the big time, going on to work with artists like Akon, Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Brandy, New Kids on the Block, and Michael Jackson to mention just a few, and becoming one of the most sought-after music producers in the world. Maher however was restless and eventually decided that the music industry and all that surrounded wasn’t the right place for him and he returned to Sweden. It wasn’t until he met a group of brothers who were active in the Islamic community in Stockholm and he started regularly attending his local mosque that he felt like he’d reached ‘home’.

Maher feels blessed to able to finally find the right way, and feels like it’s his turn now to help others through his music to do the same: “If I had one thing I’d like to tell people out there it would be that it’s so easy to see the right way if we just open our eyes and look properly; that’s what happened to me.”

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Int'l nasyid Solois: Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf is a British composer, singer and accomplished musician. He was born in July 1980 into a musical family of Azeri origin, learning to play several instruments at a very young age and demonstrating a keen interest in singing and composing. He studied music at several institutions and with renowned composers and musicians, including composers from the Royal Academy of Music in London, one of the world most prestigious music institutions. In addition to his education in Western harmonics and composition, Sami has a solid understanding of the Middle Eastern modes (or Maqams), and is thoroughly acquainted and familiar with both Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Since 2003, Sami’s debut album 'al-Mu'allim' and his second album 'My Ummah' have sold over five million copies worldwide (with a third album nearing completion). His YouTube videos have been played over 10 million times and his websites have been accessed by his many millions of ardent supporters. His concerts have attracted huge audiences across the Middle East, Europe and the United States, including a staggering 250,000 attendance in Istanbul. Sami has been featured by Time Magazine and has appeared on the covers of dozens of other mainstream publications around the world.

Sami is devoutly spiritual and often uses his art and music as a means of promoting the messages of love, mercy, peace and tolerance, whilst encouraging the youth to be proud of their identity.

Sami has been featured by Time Magazine as "Islam's biggest rock star"[5] and has appeared on the covers of dozens of other mainstream publications around the world[citation needed]. Sami is devoutly spiritual and often uses his art and music as a means of promoting the messages of love, mercy, peace and tolerance, whilst encouraging the youth to be proud of their identity.[citation needed] Sami Yusuf’s songs have revolutionalized the nasheed industry and have given birth to a new genre of modern Islamic music.[6] His latest song You Came To Me[7] has been released as an immense hit all over the world. It has had more than 550,000 views on Youtube.
2003-2009: First albums with awakening

Sami's first album Al-Mu'allim was self-produced and released in July 2003 and attained huge success. His second album, My Ummah, which was released in 2005, comes in two versions, a musical version and one with just percussion. He creates many of his songs in different languages mainly in English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu. He has held concerts all around the world, and is albums were mainly popular among young Muslims, in particular Turkey, where his concert gathered up to 250,000 people, at Istanbul in 2007.[8]

Disputed third album and departure from awakening

A third album, Without You, was planned for release during mid-2008 but was delayed due to a contractual dispute.[9] An album by that name was then launched by Awakening Records in January 2009.[9] Sami Yusuf subsequently stated on his official website that this album was released without his knowledge or consent, and is a compilation of demos and sketches with a quality inferior to his normally high standards. He has called for fans to boycott it.[10][11] However as of April 2009 Awakening Records continues to feature the album prominently on the Sami Yusuf part of its website,[12] saying that the album is "a complete and high quality album" consisting of "11 professionally recorded tracks".[9] Awakening says it has already made "substantial" payments to Yusuf for his third album, which has been advertised on its website since May 2008.[9] Yusuf had previously released two albums with Awakening, and signed for a total of five.[9] Asked whether Awakening had paid him in full in July 2009, Yusuf indicated they had not.[13]

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International Munsyid : Amir Awan

Amir Awan is a British composer/singer/song writer who was born on 28th October 1982 in North London, England. He was born into a professional, practicing, Muslim family, and thus Islam has always been an integral part of his life. At an early age, he spent several years at Safar Academy being trained in the art of Qur'anic recitation (Tajweed). After graduating, he was invited to take up a post teaching Tajweed at the Academy. Amir then went on to read a Mathematics degree at University College London (UCL), during which time he began reciting Qur'an at opening ceremonies of various Islamic functions across the UK.

With a vision of sharing his love for Islam with Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and for correcting the stereotypical image of Islam perpetuated in the media, he embarked upon his own spiritual quest, seeking to use his lyrical and vocal ability to share his passion in a creative, fun and contemporary way.

His music which focuses upon spiritual reflection, political issues, and meaning in a confusing world, provides young Muslims with an alternative to the current following of empty and soul-less pop and rap which focus primarily on lust, materialism, violence, drugs, money, gangsterism etc..

Amir has also studied at some of UK's most distinguished vocal colleges including the Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance (ICMP), where he developed his style and enhanced his flair of singing.

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Night Concert Kesenian Islam " Menuju Negeri Halalan Toyyiban "

Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA) Bandung
Jum'at, 12 Februari 2010 Pukul. 19.00 - 22.00 WIB


HTM: Rp. 35rb (SILVER)
Rp. 50rb (GOLD)Ticket Box

(taken from hawari community)

Vertizone @ Gedung Wanitatama Jogja 4 Februari 2010

vertizone, akan tampil tgl 4 februari 2010 @ gedung wanitatama
jam 15.00 YOGYAKARTA. dateng ya sobat nasyid
Dijamin seru, coz VertiZone Insyaallah akan membawakan lagu MUJAHID.
Lagu yang temen2 suka...

(taken from vertizoners jogja)

Festival Nasyid Haroki 2010 (info awal)

IZIS Production mempersembahkan :


Jakarta, Agustus 2010.

Kriteria peserta : Tim nasyid Haroki; jumlah anggota personel tidak dibatasi. Tim yang pernah mengeluarkan album boleh ikut serta.

Syarat Lomba :
1. Membawakan 2 buah lagu : 1 lagu karya sendiri, 1 lagu nasyid haroki dari mana saja.
2. Bersedia mengikuti babak penyisihan untuk mendapatkan tempat di final 8 besar.

Kriteria yang dilombakan :
1. Tim Nasyid Haroki Terbaik.
2. Lagu Nasyid Haroki Terbaik.
3. Personel Terbaik, meliputi :
- Lead Vocal Terbaik
- Bass Vocal Terbaik
- Tenor Vocal Terbaik
- Bariton Vocal Terbaik
- Perkusi/Drummer Terbaik

Juri : Semua personel Izzatul Islam

Pendaftaran Awal :
kirim email mengenai kesediaan & data personel tim nasyid ke

Bersegeralah!! Dan Bersiap Siagalah!!!

(NB : Info mengenai Hadiah, Biaya Pendaftaran, Tempat & Tanggal Pelaksanaan Acara dan lainnya akan diumumkan kemudian)

(taken from Izzatul Islam)

Mengapa Nasyid Haroki (curhat Afwan Riyadi Izzis)

Yoi, lebih dari setengah usia saya sudah saya libatkan dalam pergulatan dakwah melalui nasyid haroki. Sejak saya mendengar nasyid pertama kalinya (sekitar tahun 1992) hingga kini, semangat itu masih menyala.

Kok bisa?

Banyak hal unik dalam genre ini. Inilah nasyid yang menurut saya, paling passionate.. paling menggairahkan.. paling mengaduk-aduk emosi.. paling bisa memberi sesuatu bagi sebuah gerakan dan peradaban..

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat saya bertanya lantang : "Tiada kata lagi.... Apaaa????.." dan ribuan massa di hadapan saya menjawab dengan penuh gelora : "KAMI HARUS KEMBALIIII..!!!!!"...

Dan itu terjadi berulang kali dimana saja. Bahkan di lokasi yang "bukan habitat asli nasyid".

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat saya mengacungkan microphone ke depan, dan ribuan massa di hadapan saya sontak bernyanyi bersama : "Majulah Wahai Mujahid Muda.. Dalam Satu Cita Tegak Keadilan.. Singkirkan Batas Satukan Kata.. Kebangkitan Islam Telah Dataaang...!!"

Itu juga terjadi berulang kali selama sekitar 10 tahun ini... Bahkan di hadapan massa yang masih berusia balita saat nasyid ini digubah.

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat ribuan massa berlompatan dengan semangat dihadapan saya.. Bernyanyi bersama.. Bertakbir penuh gelora.. terkadang membentuk formasi tertentu, terkadang membuat menara manusia.. Atau tak henti-hentinya mengibarkan bendera...

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya menyenandungkan nasyid SANG MURABBI sambil merasakan kehadiran Syaikh yang begitu saya cintai... Syaikh yang bersedia hadir memberi khutbah dalam pernikahan saya.. Syaikh yang selalu menjadi yang pertama kali kami kirimi album yang kami produksi..

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat nasyid RABITHAH pertama kali kami senandungkan.. Sontak, ruangan yang gaduh mendadak senyap.. Sunyi sekali...

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat saya mendengar bahwa nasyid KAMI HARUS KEMBALI menjadi mars Mujahiddin di Maluku...

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat saya mendengar kisah seorang Mujahidin yang syahid, dilepas dengan nasyid UNTUKMU SYUHADA...

Jangan tanya, bagaimana rasanya saat saya mendengar bahwa nada ISLAM CINTA KEADILAN diadopsi kawan-kawan sosialis dalam aksi2 jalanan mereka..

Jangan tanya... Karena saya tak bisa mengungkapkan jawabannya..


Soul, passion, emotion, entah kata apalagi yang bisa menggambarkan genre ini. Nasyid yang memang lahir dengan hati, dibawakan dengan hati dan ditujukan bagi hati.. Agar hati yang tidur menjadi bangun, hati yang lupa menjadi ingat, hati yang lesu menjadi semangat, hati yang gundah menjadi gairah, hati yang pingsan menjadi sadar.... Bahwa janji Allah adalah pasti; bagi para Mujahid hanya ada 2 pilihan :

Hidup mulia atau mati syahid.

Dan suatu saat, saya harap anda dapat merasakan sendiri, apa yang selama ini saya rasakan....

(written as welcoming note for Festival Nasyid Haroki 2010)

Afwan Riyadi Izzis

(taken from

Nasheed Team from RIAU "SIGMA"

Sigma merupakan singkatan dari Senandung Islam Gapai Maghfirah Allah. Tim nasyid asal kota Dumai Riau ini berdiri tanggal 23 Desember 2006. dengan konsep tim nasyid progresif mencoba memberikan alternatif musik kepada semua kalangan dan menyejukkan hati bagi setiap pendengarnya
Dilihat dari profil tim, Sigma merupakan gabungan dari lima pemuda yang memiliki latar belakang pekerjaan berbeda-beda, antara lain karyawan Pertamina, bekerja di RSPD, BAZMA (Baituzzakah Pertamina), PZM (Pundi Zakat Madani) dan Lazis PLN. Akan tetapi subhanallah, walaupun dengan kesibukan kerja masing-masing personil, SIGMA telah membuktikan komitmen mereka dijalur nasyid. Adapun personil SIGMA:

Yedo Kurniawan
Yoni Putra
Zulmy Erwinsyah

Wujud eksistensi Sigma, saat ini telah terbentuk management di 5 daerah potensial untuk pengembangan sayap dan marketing tim diregional masing-masing:

Moh. Atlizan Management Malaysia
Rahmat Triwijaya Management Jakarta
Renanda lastri Management Pekanbaru
Yafizham Management Medan
Desi Susanti Management Padang
Delvy Zumeri Management Dumai

Dimanajeri oleh Yedo Kurniawan sigma juga mengukir prestasi ditingkat nasional sebagai Finalis FNPI 2009. setelah menjuarai audisi wilayah sumatera. Dan ditahun 2010 sigma telah memuat kontrak kerja bersama sponsor antara lain Pertamina, Bazma, Pemda Kota Dumai, dan sebagainya wujud bukti komitmen dan kerjakeras sigma itu sendiri memperkenalkan seni islam dan duta Riau dijalur nasyid.

Manager : Yedo Kurniawan
HP : 085271855883 / 081374068753
Sekretariat: Blok C/CL-32A Bukit Datuk Dumai Riau
Email :

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Album ke-3 edcoustic

Menanggapi serbuan pertanyaan seputar album ketiga edCoustic dari para penggemarnya, duo Aden dan Eggie ini langsung menjawab
“Insya Allah tahun 2012″
Wow, masih cukup lama juga para pecinta nasyid bisa menikmati lagu-lagu terbaru mereka. Grup Band yang terbentuk tahun 2002 ini ternyata sengaja menjadwalkan peluncuran album mereka setiap 4 tahun sekali. Album pertama bertajuk “Masa Muda” yang sukses membawa mereka menjadi artis nasyid papan atas, dirilis 2004. Selang empat tahun kemudian, edCoustic kembali menggebrak dunia nasyid Indonesia lewat album keduanya “Sepotong Episode”. Lagu Muhasabah Cinta menjadi hits fenomenal tahun 2008. Hingga saat ini lagu tersebut masih wara wiri di top request radio-radio nasyid nusantara.
Dan untuk album ketiga edCoustic sudah ancang-ancang dirilis tahun 2012. Tahun dimana banyak kalangan memperkirakan kejadian-kejadian fenomenal didunia. Tapi bagi edCoustic, 2012 akan menjadi pijakan penting bagi perkembangan karier musik mereka.

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video nasyid

Nasyid History

Al ardu lana, wa qudsu lana, Allahu bi kuwwatihi lana… (alquds)

Pernah denger syair di atas ? kalo belom, jangan pernah ngaku nasyid mania. Sungguhan, belom pol polan kalo nggak tau -apalagi blank banget. Konon, ini nasyid dibaptis cikal bakal nasyid yang ada sekarang ini. Emang, jika kamu liat kasetnya, nih kaset "dingin" abis ! Nggak ada credit title, nggak ada teks syair, nggak ada petunjuk siapa yang nyanyi, siapa yang nyiptain nasyid, direkam dimana, pokoknya yang ada Cuma selembar kertas doang ama judul nasyid. Foto si artis ? Uuhhh, apalagi nggak ada pisan. Trus, juga nggak jelas sama sekali kalo Al-Quds itu sebenarnya artis atawa judul album sih. Mo konfirmasi cari info? Nggak tau juga musti kemana. Tapi walo begitu, nih kaset underground laku keras banget. Sejak muncul kurang lebih taon 1989 (udah sekitar 15 taon tuh!) Al Quds masih aja dicari. Selain hraganya Cuma 8000 perak doang. Konon, inilah nasyid sejati, nasyid sesungguhnya yang bener-bener merefelksikan jiwa para aktivis dakwah.

Nasyid AlQuds muncul sekitar akhir 80-an seiring dengan meledaknya kembali gerakan intifadhah di Palestina. Taon 1992, di negeri kita Snada pertama kali ngenalin "cara nyanyi" akapela mirip-mirip Boyz II Men. Waktu itu mereka rada nyontek dikit lagu "In The Stillness of The Night" yang diubah jadi "Tahajjud". Lagu yang dibawain Snada di balairun UI itu dianggap sebagai alternatif hiburan kesenia Islam yang waktu itu emang cekak banget. Setelah itu, Snada ngembangin sendiri tekni bernasyid mereka. Peran musisi Dwiki Dharmawan, pelatih vokal Snada, nggak bisa dibilang kecil. Snada menjadi ikon sukses grup nasyid di Indonesia.

Ada juga Izzatul Islam (biasa disebut Izzis) yang muncul sekitar taon 1994 dengan mengambil jenis nasyid yang full of semangat en ngebangkitkan ruhiyah yang mendengarnya. Izzis ngeluarin beberapa album. Yang paling heboh adalah album "Kembali" (1999) en "Marching-Out" (2001). Selebihnya, entah kenapa nasyid-nasyid Izzis seperti kehilangan "daya bunuh", datar-datar aja.

Setelah Snada dan Izzis, hampir bisa dibilang nggak ada lagi grup nasyid yang bisa mewakili musik Islam sesungguhnya. Emang muncul nama-nama seperti Gradasi, Ngek, Mentari, Tarbiyah, Ruhul Jadid (yang ini disebut sebut Cuma "nerusin" konsep Izzis) dan lainnya. Jangan juga dilupain Bestari yang personilnya semua akhwat dan dikondangi oleh Asma Nadia yang penulis beken itu.

Malaysia termasuk paling hebat dalam melahirkan grup-grip nasyid jempolan. Yang paling kentara adalah Raihan, mulai dikenal taon 1994 dengan albumnya "Puji-pujian". Dibandingin dengan siapapun, Raihan jelas ngetop abis diseluruh dunia. Bahkan jika dibandingin dengan Yusuf Islam (dulu bernama Cat Steven) asal Inggris sekalipun. Raihan satu-satunya grup nasyid yang udah tur keliling dunia dan pernah mentas di hadapan Ratu Inggris. Di belakang Raihan, Negeri Jiran kemudian mengenalkan Hijjaz, Diwani, Brother, Rabbani dan lainnya, yang semuanya belum menawarkan jenis nasyid yang baru.

Dulu nasyid di pake sebagai pembangkit ghirah (semangat) juang para mujahid di medan perang. Isi syairnya nggak ada yang mendayu-dayu, dan Cuma di dendangkan ala kadarnya. Kalopun pake alat musik paling Cuma duff (sejenis rebana) doang. Ya, kayak Al Quds di atas. Sekarang, batasan nasyid jadi nggak jelas banget. Ada yang pake gitar dan isinya cinta-cintaan melulu. Ada juga yang dibikin ngerapa kayak Soldier of Allah (SOA- yang ini produk Amrik). Nggak boleh ? Wallohu 'alam.

Yang pasti, kita musti ngembaliin posisi nasyid itu ke tempat aslinya, yaitu sebagai media untuk semakin ngedeketin diri kepada Allah swt. Nah, sekarang kebayang nggak, gimana kalo band-band sejenis Gigi, Jamrud, atawa Edane ngebawain lagu-lagu islami atawa sholawat dengan vokal yang sangar, jingkrak-jingkrakan, raungan gitra dan suara drum yang menghentak-hentak? (Saad)

And the story of nasyid goes

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